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How does our Lock Screen work? It is as easy as ABC

  • Choose or create a keypad of 12 images
  • Your Picture Password is a series of the same four images on the keypad, in the same order every time.
  • The 12 images in the keypad change location every time you see the keypad.
  • Simple. Easy. Visual.

At each login, each image is in a different location.

At each login, each image is in a different location.


Lock Screen Apps by IconLogin

IconLogin publishes Lock Screen Apps that let you lock/unlock your Android device using a Picture Password. You know how it works – protect your device from your kids, your friends, strangers on a train. You get the Picture – try it and see why we think you will love it.

Picture Passwords

Take the hassle out of remembering complicated passwords by using one of our branded Lock Screen Apps.


Why do I need Lock Screen?

No more having to remember a string of numbers (which is probably your credit card PIN number – tut, tut), words with case sensitive letters (er…er…was that A or a?) or smudgy, smeary dot to dot patterns (mmm…always choosing the Z, right?). We say – NO to Alphanumeric and join the dot passwords – that is the old way. Free us from this tyranny!