BrandedLogin Lock Screen Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BrandedLogin Lock Screen?

The BrandedLogin Lock Screen lets you unlock your Android device using a Picture Password on Branded Keypads that you can purchase or use the default Keypad.

How does the App work?

You create your Picture Password using a Keypad that you purchase within the App. Your Picture Password is the same four images on the keypad, in the same order every time. You can change your Picture Password whenever you like. The 12 images in the Keypad change location every time you see them. Simple. Easy. Visual. Fun.

Do I have to pay to use BrandedLogin Lock Screen by IconLogin?

The App is free to install and Branded Keypads can be purchased to use instead of the default Keypad. Find your favourite Brand.

What happens if I forget my Picture Password?

During the set-up process we ask to register your details (email address) and give you a choice of secondary password reset – answer 3 security questions, which will help us to help you reset your Picture Password, or a button combination on the device.

What happens if I forget the answers to my security questions?

Don’t worry, we send you an email with instructions on how to unlock your device. You will have to access your email account from another device or computer since your device will be locked.

How will we use your contact details?

The main reason to have this information is to help you reset your Picture Password. We will never provide this information to anyone else for marketing purposes, but we may (if you allow us to) send you emails about any new updates or new Apps we may launch.

Which devices are most appropriate for BrandedLogin Lock Screen?

The App will be available on Google Play for the following handsets sizes 4.6″ to 10.5″ and Android OS 4.1 to 8.0. Full functionality may not occur on handsets outside of these sizes and Android OS software.

If I use BrandedLogin Lock Screen, when does it timeout?

If you are not using your device, the BrandedLogin Lock Screen will timeout at the time chosen in the ‘Screen timeout’ setting in your Settings – Display menu.

What permissions does BrandedLogin Lock Screen use and why?

Here is the list of Permissions that the BrandedLogin Lock Screen uses and why it needs them.
Run at startup: to enable protection of your device after rebooting
Prevent phone from sleeping/draw over other Apps/disable your lock screen: to enable Lock Screen functionality
Contacts/SMS: to display calls and messages
Phone: to display calls and messages
Internet connection: to download new Keypads; to allow for App updates

Do you have questions about when and how BrandedLogin Lock Screen works?

The functionality of all Lock Screen Apps is driven by both the version of Android installed on a device and the way it has been configured by the handset manufacturer. The App runs at start up and offers protection after rebooting, however occasionally the App may stop functioning and in such cases, we recommend rebooting the device. There can be conflicts between the Android Screen Security Settings and the App which may cause suspension of the device. This is resolved by either switching the screen off and on again or rebooting the device. The BrandedLogin Lock Screen App does not replace, disable, remove or uninstall other active lock screen apps. Other lock screen apps may need to be disabled or uninstalled although users can have more than one lock screen at the same time, but in such instances they will need to unlock each lock screen before getting access to their device. Depending on the mobile operator, the functionality of making calls and voicemails may vary. Even though the device may have been unlocked using the Lock Screen App and then call is made or voicemail is accessed, the device may revert to the Lock Screen on completion of the call or after the voicemail is finished being accessed. Please contact us at if you have any queries.