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Danger Mouse Lock Screen by IconLogin

Danger Mouse Lock Screen lets you unlock your Android device using a Danger Mouse Picture Password on a Keypad made up of Danger Mouse Classic images. Use the free Danger Mouse GREATEST Keypad to create your Picture Password. Tap to collect other keypads. Once you unlock your device with these Danger Mouse Classic images, there is no going back!

  • Unlock your Android device with a Picture Password on a Danger Mouse Keypad.
  • FREE to install.
  • Comes with a FREE Keypad – Danger Mouse GREATEST Keypad.
  • Create Your Picture Password using this Keypad. Your Picture Password is the same four images on the keypad, in the same order every time. However, every time the Keypad is viewed, the images move around on the keypad.
  • Change your Picture Password whenever you like.
  • Tap and collect other Keypads via In-App Purchasing.
  • Preview and buy these Keypads: Danger Mouse Keypad, Penfold Keypad, Danger Mouse Adventures Keypad.
  • Purchase and keep to use whenever you want!
  • Look out for new Keypads too.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Danger Mouse Lock Screen App using the form below.