The crabby tabby Garfield now has his own Lock Screen App!



IconLogin Limited in association with Bare Tree Media and Paws Inc are delighted to announce the release of a Garfield branded Lock Screen App based on the IconLogin mobile platform.

This picture password based Android app uses Garfield and other characters that feature in his storylines, including Jon – his owner, Odie – a dog that is the butt of his brutality, and lots of lasagna.

The IconLogin app platform is more secure than traditional keypads since the characters appear in a different order each time, instead of a static layout like almost all other keypads.

When initially downloaded, a free keypad of 12 Garfield characters is presented, allowing the user to choose their own Picture Password sequence based on four of the picture buttons. Each time the phone wakes up the user’s Android device the same 12 Garfield based picture buttons appear on the keypad, but in a randomised order. When the correct four characters are chosen in the same order the device is unlocked. Users have the option to purchase additional premium Garfield themed lock screens as well.

The App is available from the Google Play Store by searching “Garfield Lock Screen” or by using the link here.

“The Garfield Lock Screen is fun to use and perfect for offering ongoing content releases to generate new revenue opportunities for the Garfield brand,” says Bob Ferrari, CEO at Bare Tree Media and the master digital licensee for Garfield. “Now Odie’s phone is safe from Garfield snooping around”, says Jim Davis, The creator of Garfield.

“We are delighted that Bare Tree Media and Paws Inc have allowed us to incorporate Garfield characters in this innovative App. It will allow us to support their storylines by producing regular keypads for fans to stay up to date as well as keeping their devices secure,” says Schehrezade Davidson of IconLogin®.

About IconLogin® Limited
IconLogin® Limited is a publisher of picture password Apps under the registered trademark: You Brand In Their Hand®. The technology behind the picture passwords is protected by two worldwide patents. The underlying software is used for secure mutual authentication via picture passwords to overcome all of today’s major threats to the security of online login credentials.

About Paws Inc
Paws Inc. was founded in 1981 by cartoonist Jim Davis as a creative house to support Garfield licensing and is the sole owner of the copyrights and trademarks for GARFIELD and GARFIELD Characters. For more details visit:

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Bare Tree Media enables brands to engage consumers through innovative mobile messaging solutions. Partners include 20th Century Fox, ABC Television, American Greetings, CBS Interactive, DreamWorks, Lionsgate, Paws Inc, SONY Television Pictures, Warner Bros, and many more. Brands interested in offering their own mobile messaging apps and stickers can contact Bare Tree Media at