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It is the Hearts Lock Screen this week. Why not celebrate Love – in all its forms. Lovers, friends, family. The ties that bind us to the special people in our lives. We hope that you can take time to click through to our choice of love song by Westlife…we are sure that you have your own.

Download Lock Screen by IconLogin® here and create your own Keypad with your own images. Your Picture Password to unlock your Android device is 4 images always in the same order. We have created a story to remember ours on this Keypad:

Hearts Lock Screen Keypad

Hearts Lock Screen Keypad


1. We met over coffee

2. I received chocolates

3. We went dancing

4. We inked our love with fingerprints

See? Easy. Visual. Fun. Memorable.

And no alphanumeric passwords necessary – just think, recall and unlock. Finally, enjoy this love song.

See the the Keypad in action here on our YouTube channel.

If music be the food of love, play on…Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare