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Lock Screen for Kurio App

Lock Screen for Kurio App lets you and your child unlock the Kurio device using a Picture Password on a Branded Keypad.

There is no charge to use the App and no In-App purchasing.

The choice of the Branded Keypads are as follows:

Create Your Picture Password using a Keypad. Your Picture Password is the same four images on the keypad, in the same order every time – make up a funny story with your child so that they use it to unlock the Kurio device.

Change the Picture Password whenever you like.

To set your Picture Password you choose a sequence based on four of the image buttons. Each time the user wakes up your Android device, the same 12 images appear on the keypad, but in a randomised order. When the correct four characters are chosen in the same order the device is unlocked. Alternative Keypads are available to collect via In-App purchasing.

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