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Our new App Lock Screen by IconLogin® has arrived on Google Play – click here to install! Take a look at our front page:

Lock Screen by IconLogin®


The world’s first picture password App is launched today as a simple, easy and visual way to unlock your smart phone.

Lock Screen by IconLogin® allows you to use your Instagram snaps to create a picture password keypad that replaces the need for a pin code.

IconLogin®’s Lock Screen App is based on the idea that pictures are much easier to remember than numbers.  It is also more secure than the traditional keypad because the pictures appear in a different order each time, instead of being a static layout like numerical keypads.

When initially downloaded, the App links to your Instagram account and asks you to create your own image-based keypad using 12 of your personal photos.  You then choose a sequence of 4 images to become your password. Each time you wake up your Android smartphone or tablet you see your keypad of the same 12 images but the pictures are randomised so that no two keypad layouts appear the same way twice.  You then touch your chosen 4 images in the right sequence to unlock your device.

This new App turns the chore of unlocking phones or tablets into a creative, fun and personal process that is easy to use, easy to remember but impossible for an unauthorised user to guess.  The password can be changed easily and the keypad refreshed by uploading different photos from Instagram. Standard forgotten password procedures are in place.

The App is free and is currently only available for Android devices. It is available in the Google Play Store by searching “IconLogin” (full name of the App is “Lock Screen by IconLogin®”).

You can read the full press release here – Lock Screen by IconLogin Press Release

PS See this Yummy Mummy Keypad – could you guess the Picture Password?

Yummy Mummy Keypad