A private love story is now a Lock Screen App

IconLogin Limited are pleased to partner with Minikim Holland BV on the release of a Love Is… branded Lock Screen App based on the IconLogin mobile platform.

This picture password based Android app uses the shy love notes created by Kim Casali for her husband Roberto. The App displays images from both the Classic and Modern Love Is…portfolio.

The deal was managed by J & M Brands in Holland.

The IconLogin app platform is more secure than traditional keypads since the keypad pictures appears in a different order each time, unlike the static layout of most other keypads.

When initially downloaded, a free keypad of 12 Love Is… cartoons is presented, allowing the user to choose their own Picture Password sequence based on four of the cartoons. Each time the phone wakes up the user’s Android device the same 12 cartoons appear on the keypad, but in a randomised order. When, like a pin number, the correct four cartoons are chosen in the same order the device is unlocked. Users have the option to purchase additional themed keypads as well.

The App is available from the Google Play Store by searching “Love Is… Lock Screen” or by using the link here.

“We’re delighted to work with IconLogin on this great app” says Stefano Casali, Minikim Holland BV.  “The Love Is… Lock Screen App will both appeal to our huge existing global fanbase as well as attract new fans that will discover the love notes my mother created.”

“The Love Is… Lock Screen App reminds users of the loving sentiments behind the cartoons created by Kim Casali every time they unlock their devices, as well as keeping them secure. We are happy to spread these love notes via a personalised Lock Screen App,” says Schehrezade Davidson of IconLogin.