The Madballs™ Lock Screen App is waiting the crash onto your Android device!

Unlocking your phone has never been more disgusting now that Skull Face, Slobulus, Horn Head, Screamin’ Meemie, Dust Brain and Oculus Orbus have come together to gross out potential thieves and spying parents in order to secure Android devices.The image-based Android app starring the disgusting characters from Madballs uses gross-out humor and makes it is easy for fans to use their favorite Madballs characters, instead of a numerical keypad and pin code.

This free app is in line with growing popularity of using images to secure mobile phones as it is easier and more fun than remembering a numerical sequence. Another benefit to the new Madballs app is added security, as the characters appear in a different order each time instead of a static layout like most keypads, therefore making it more difficult for prying eyes to steal the code.

Originally introduced in 1986 by AmToy, a subsidiary of American Greetings, Madballs was an instant hit and quickly expanded into other product categories including comics, home video and video games. Today, more than 90 characters exist for Madballs with names like Bash Brain, Slobulus and Zit Wit–they’ll crack you up and gross you out. Madballs can be found at and

The app is available from the Google Play Store by searching “Madballs™ Lock Screen” or by clicking here.

“We’re excited to work with IconLogin on an app that is both fun and functional and will appeal to both fans of the brand from the 80s and new fans just discovering Madballs,” said Megan Buettner, Head of Creative and Digital for American Greetings Entertainment. “Madballs is a great fit for a lock screen app as there are a plethora of gross characters that can provide a shock to anyone trying to sneak a peek where they shouldn’t!”

“We are delighted to produce this Lock Screen App using the Madballs characters that are known by fans worldwide,” said Schehrezade Davidson of IconLogin.