Miffy Lock Screen App Targets Older Fans

IconLogin Limited is pleased to partner with Mercis BV on the launch of the Miffy Lock Screen Android App based on the IconLogin mobile platform.

Dick Bruna’s iconic characters of Miffy and her family and friends can now be used to unlock Android devices via picture passwords.

Keeping in line with Dick Bruna’s credo of ‘Less is more’ the keypads showcase the best of the beautiful, simple illustrations that form the basis of the popular books. In addition, the App will contain keypads from the TV series – both past and current. The App is available from the Google Play Store by searching “Miffy Lock Screen” or clicking here.

“Our goal is to capture the audience that grew up reading and watching Miffy and still have deep affection for her. This innovative App allows the fans to stay in touch with their inner-child through a simple joyful moment each time they unlock their device  “, said Mark Teunissen, Mercis BV.

“For fans, what could be better than getting a dose of Miffy on a regular basis during the day? We know the brand is held dear by many and the Miffy Lock Screen App allows people to see the images they love every time they use their Android devices”, said Schehrezade Davidson, IconLogin Limited.