See our Tennis Keypad. Game-Set-and-Match to Lock Screen by IconLogin®! Download it here.

Excitement comes to Wimbledon as the The Championships begin – see the official website here.

In honour of the fortnight of strawberries, cream, champagne – and a bit of tennis thrown in for good measure – we have created this Tennis Keypad. Imagine your own sporting moments caught on camera and becoming part of your Lock Screen Keypad.

Tennis Keypad for Lock Screen by IconLogin®

Tennis Keypad for Lock Screen by IconLogin®

Every week we like to highlight a Keypad with a different theme. We want to emphasise that our App IS all about personalisation of your Android Lock Screen. You can create a Keypad of your favourite images. Imagine your friends, family, pets, the places you have been and the sights you have seen – all being part of your Keypad.

We think it is pretty cool, especially since you can alter the Keypad in the blink of an eye.

Anyway – we have some tennis matches to watch, so logging off now. Over and OUT!!!