Danger Mouse Lock Screen App – the world’s greatest secret agent can now help protect your Android device.

IconLogin is delighted to announce the App using Danger Mouse characters is now live on the Google Play Store.

This free picture password based Android app stars Danger Mouse, Penfold, Colonel K, Baron Greenback, Nero and Stiletto. Between them, images of the Danger Network, and the associated criminal fraternity, make it is easy to enter a picture pin code instead of using a numerical keypad.

When initially downloaded, a free keypad of 12 Danger Mouse characters is presented, allowing the user to choose their own Picture Password sequence based on four of the picture buttons. Each time the user wakes up their Android phone, the same 12 Danger Mouse picture buttons appear on the keypad, but in a randomised order. When the correct four characters are chosen in the same order the device is unlocked. Alternative Danger Mouse keypads are available to collect via In-App purchasing.

The free App is based on the idea that Danger Mouse really is the world’s greatest secret agent since his pin code is easier to remember than numbers. His App is also more secure than using a traditional keypad because the Professor Squawkencluck uses secret code to shuffle the images so they appear in a different order each time, instead of a static layout like almost all other keypads.

The App is available from the Google Play Store by searching “Danger Mouse Lock Screen” or by clicking here.

“We are delighted to acknowledge Professor Squawkencluck as a coding genius and would like to thank Colonel K for his vision of public security in a digital world,” says Schehrezade Davidson of IconLogin.