The Roald Dahl Literary Estate is proud to announce a partnership with IconLogin, to create the Roald Dahl branded Lock Screen App.

The picture password based Android app uses Sir Quentin Blakes iconic illustrations from some of Roald Dahl’s greatest children’s stories and was launched on the Google Play Store for Android users on 1st September.

The App comes with one free ‘Roald Dahl Heroes’ keypad to mark the theme for this years Roald Dahl Day, celebrated globally every year on the 13th September.

Users can purchase other keypads at £0.79 each ($0.99 in US). The keypads being released in the new App focus on some of the storyteller’s best loved books: James and the Giant Peach, The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The App is based on the idea that pictures are fun and much easier to remember than numbers. It is also more secure than using a traditional keypad because the pictures appear in a different order each time, instead of a static layout like almost all other keypads.

Initially, when downloaded, a free keypad of 12 illustrations is presented, allowing the user to choose their own Picture Password sequence based on four of the illustrations. Each time the phone or user’s android device is activated the same 12 illustrations appear on the keypad, but in a randomised order. When, like a pin number, the correct four illustrations are chosen in the same order the device is unlocked.

The App is available from the Google Play Store by searching ‘Roald Dahl Lock Screen’ or by using the link here.


Stephanie Griggs, Licensing & Design Director, the Roald Dahl Literary Estate said: “We loved the idea of using visual prompts instead of numbers to unlock your phone, and so we’re delighted to be working with IconLogin. Roald Dahl was always a champion for children in a world ruled by adults, and so it’s fantastic to be able to launch the first free keypad this September, celebrating the iconic child heroes of Roald Dahl’s stories- step forward MATILDA, JAMES, CHARLIE, GEORGE and SOPHIE!”

Schehrezade Davidson, CEO, IconLogin said: “We are honoured to be working with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and Sir Quentin Blake to bring the characters and illustrations from the famous stories to our Lock Screen App platform. Each of us have our favourite book and fans can engage with the illustrations every time they use their Android devices.”